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Are you on the verge of getting paralysis?


Dr. Hari Nagpal

Paralysis is one of the most painful and hazardous conditions one can have. It is the condition which affects the patient physically, emotionally as well as mentally. All of the above takes a toll not just on a patient but also on the family members.
In paralysis, one side of the body loses its function, including the face and sometimes a patient may lose speech also.
In some cases, the recovery from paralysis takes a lot of time which includes long-term physiotherapy and medicinal treatment and some even need surgery. The main culprits of paralysis are high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. So the question is how to prevent oneself from this life-threatening condition. The answer is in adopting the rule of 5Ls.

1. Less anger.
2. Less tension.
3. Less oily food.
4. Less resting & being more active.
5. Light to moderate exercise (30 minutes is sufficient for beginners)

(Writer Dr Dr Hari Nagpal is a Physiotherapist, B.P.T. , M.P.T., Health Nidhi Physiotherapy Panjim and his Contact number is 9557158999 . )

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